Xotics Hair Battle Tour

Let me begin by saying that this is truly a blessing to be a part of something this big! This Xotics Hair Battle Tour has been amazing thus far! West Palm was filled with some of the best talent I have seen. You could just feel the Barber Love all in the atmosphere.

My visit to Philly was just as exciting. Not only is Philly one of the most historic cities in America, it is filled with some of the best Barbers in the nation. For both battles people travelled from all over the world to not just participate, but share the love that we all have for our industry and profession.

The 4th stop on the tour takes place in my home state, Ohio. Oh10 is what its known by to those who reside in the Buckeye State. My hope is that the love will continue to flow throughout and make Ohio’s event as abundant and successful as the previous stops on the tour.

So, CALLING ALL BARBERS AND SNEAKER HEADS!!! September 2, 2012 Columbus Ohio. Martha’s Soul Food Bistro. 2600 S. Hamilton Rd.. LET’S GET IT!!!

For more info on the tour visit hairbattletour.com


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