A Man’s Image II  coming June 21, 2015!!!

  Mother’s Day is celebrated with teas, banquets, and luncheons. What about Father’s Day? In 2013 Excalibur Barber hosted A Man’s Image and the response was overwhelming. There was much disappointment in 2014 when the event was not held. This year it returns with promises of another memorable event!

A Man’s Image II will be held on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015. This year’s theme is  SUIT UP, encouraging you to put on your armor in preparation for what’s to come. This seminar is designed to bring alignment to the character of men… mind, body, and spirit. The main focus is to groom individuals in every aspect of life. From financial growth, to style management, and many others areas. Young to old, we wish to make an impact that compels men to build and strengthen their entire image morally, physically, as well as devotionally.

The event will include a gourmet dinner, speakers, health screenings, and a chance for attendees to experience “groom therapy” from a variety of relaxation stations. 


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