B.R.I.D.G.E. Barbers 

As barbers, we play very specific and important roles in each of our clients lives that sit in our chair. Whether it’s encouraging kids in school, helping someone find employment, image consulting, or simply just lending an ear when a client needs to vent. We are called upon constantly to fill-in in areas that people just don’t feel comfortable requesting or sharing information with anyone else. Each ½ hour or more at a time that we spend with our clients, builds a relationship and connection of trust that is second to no other industry. Barbers and barbershops are the pillars of every community and can be powerful in their influence. It is for this reason that we can be instrumental in the success of neighborhood growth and youth development by strategically using our influence to direct children as well as their parents on a path towards literacy. 
Studies have shown that if a child is not reading on its equivalent grade level by the 3rd grade, he or she is more likely to drop out by high school. Potentially resulting in criminal activity down the line. So, how do we take control of the situation? With that statistic heavy on our hearts, a group of highly influential Barbers decided to collaborate after meeting with the U.S. Department of Education to form a literacy program inside of our individual barbershops. That core group is now called B.R.I.D.G.E. Barbers.
         The concept of B.R.I.D.G.E. Barbers came about because of the awareness of the loss of reading development during the “gap” between school years. B.R.I.D.G.E. is an acronym for “Barbershop Reading Initiative Developing Growth in Education”. Our goal is to help create a bridge to cover the gap between learning in school, learning at home, and learning during summer vacation by offering alternative incentives to encourage kids to read more. In essence… “bridge the gap”. Incentives can include free haircuts, designs, or complimentary grooming tools. By utilizing the space and time within the Barbershop, parents will have the opportunity to read to their children either using the provided devices or in the traditional manner. Programs can be designed to work in direct correlation with school curriculum to provide seamless integration. The use of today’s technology, such as phone/tablet apps, can help keep kids engaged and intrigued. Making reading and learning fun will build their excitement and make them more inclined to continue this type of interaction.
The summer period tends to make kids less enthused about learning and more excited about the freedom of being completely disengaged from everything about school. Generating a community effort barbershop to barbershop, we can create an environment that changes the stigma of reading being boring, into the coolest thing to do! Collectively we can change a culture and mindset and just maybe put an end to a childhood verse that states… “No more reading… no more books. No more teachers dirty looks”

B.R.I.D.G.E. Barbers

“Bridging the gap”

For more info and to follow our journey, visit http://www.bridgebarbers.com


  1. Bridging a gap, is connecting 2 separate entities into one common ground. Propelling two things into the same direction, I.E. Focusing on education to ‘bridge the gap’ between the rich and the poor.

    Your plan (even though positive on paper) is not a collaborative effort to bridge a gap. It actually is a moderation of lessening a problem with your said solution. Rewording this model would make the vision more realistic, and hence would encourage educated individuals to make your effort a reality.

    1. The “gap” initially spoken about was of one that is between school years. Kids moving from one grade into the next. We originally discussed the problem of them not having any incentive to read over the summer break period. We are simply trying to make ways to encourage them to want to continue learning through to the next school year. But, along the way we hope to inspire them through the entire year. Including helping teachers throughout the year. Simply trying to be a part of the village

  2. I see a lot of correlation in the context used here saying bridging the gap to me, so I have to disagree with that man. I think it’s a wonderful idea keeping kids focused on education even via electronics etc. I like the whole concept bridging the education gap over summer absolutely, makes a load of sense! Keep up the good work guys! Very unique and thoughtful!

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