To groom young males into developing personal grooming, social, mental, and emotional disciplines which can be adapted into a social and economical environment.


Programs include:

Well-groomed an initiative developed to be implemented into school systems that will teach disciplines of personal hygiene and proper Grooming, morals and ethics, and tag along with health initiatives. As well as helping in entrepreneurship and career development. A lot of issues with performance in school can stem from self esteem issues as well as mental stress. Some of this stress can be linked to jokes by other students about a person’s redolence or appearance. Also a persons home environment can play a roll in the reasons for poor hygiene. These symptoms  can be improved by providing  an incentive based  program in the schools that allows students to earn free grooming and products throughout the year. We all know when you look good you feel good, thus improving performance. At the beginning of the school year each student will receive a Welcome Grooming kit which will also include a sign up form to the Well-groomed program. The sign up form will inform the students and parents how incentives are earned. Weekly attendance can be one of those determining factors. We can also include most improved performances. 


    The concept of B.R.I.D.G.E. Barbers came about because of the awareness of the loss of reading development during the “gap” between school years for K-3rd grade students. Studies have shown that if a child is not reading on its equivalent grade level by the 3rd grade, he or she is more likely to drop out by high school. Our goal is to help create a bridge to cover the gap between learning in school, learning at home, and learning during summer vacation by offering alternative incentives to encourage kids to read more.  “This program is great and will definitely impact a lot of kids” – Peter Norris (YSU Professor)

    By attending reading sessions at each of the participating Barbershops, kids will be enabled to earn stamps that are redeemable for incentives. Each kid must attend at least 5 sessions to be eligible for incentive rewards. Kids can also earn more stamps  by reading select books with the assistance of their parents.

#ChillOut (anti-bullying)

The purpose of the Chillout Stop The Violence Campaign in a sense, is to put violence on ice. Make individuals think about a decision they might make in a heated situation before actually acting. And to reduce violence and its impacts in the lives of youth.

The core mission of the Chillout Stop The Violence Campaign is to help individuals make a lasting commitment to take responsibility for ending violence in their lives, homes and communities.  To do this, campaign leaders bring together community, business and government leaders to make resources available at the community, school, classroom and individual level.

The primary initiative of the Chillout Campaign  is the “Chillout” Program (“Challenge”).  The Challenge” gives individuals an opportunity to reflect on violence that has happened to people close to them. It gives them the chance to examine the impact of violence on their lives by communicating what they have seen to be the causes of youth violence as well as solutions to help decrease the violence in their communities.  By encouraging individuals to make personal commitments to do something about the problem, the campaign ultimately seeks to empower them to reduce violence in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.

A Man’s Image 

This seminar is designed to bring alignment to the character of men… mind, body, and spirit. The main focus is to groom individuals in every aspect of life. From financial growth to style management, and many other areas. Young to old, we wish to make an impact that compels men to build and strengthen their entire image morally, physically, as well as devotionally.

Defy Gravity Program and Scholarship 

A mentoring program designed to teach youth how to overcome all obstacles. Traverse through all adversity. It’s all about changing mentality. The Defy Gravity Scholarship is an acknowledgment of perseverance through all adversity. It is given for the recognition of a student who was able to withstand the pressures of the trials of life and never be held  down by the weights of burden. Presented and funded  by Excalibur Barber and Imaging Results

Fresh Out

A program dedicated to returning citizens, providing them with a free first grooming service to help them prepare for interviews and reentry into the community. Individuals must be enrolled in the United Returning Citizens program.


  1. WOW Kelan! Didn’t know you have it going on like this!! LOL! You are going places! Be patient, seek direction and guidance from GOD, and you will ALWAYS make the right choices! Remember, adversity will bring about victory! Many, many blessings on your endeavors!

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